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Stress is complex. We should know. We've been helping others to try to understand and manage this overwhelming experience for many years. It is this awareness of just how complicated the stress reaction is, and how complex the causes are, that makes us particularly effective:

There are many valid and proven ways of working helpfully with stress:

  • Some experts will concentrate on the physical manifestations and help to ease your symptoms with relaxation techniques
  • Others will concentrate on your thinking patterns and help you to be aware of the power of negative or positive thinking on your overall state of health
  • Still others will help you to manage differently those areas of your life which are contributing to your stress - e.g. to manage your time better, or to be able to say no
  • Some experts might feel that helping you sort out your past might ease the chaos of your present

    Treating stress is nearly always complex

  • Problems are never simply practical; neither are they simply physical, or simply psychological, or simply emotional.

  • They are always a combination of these, and so tackling just one without reference to the others doesn't always work. Certainly not in the long term.
  • We don't claim to have all the answers, and when things do improve it is always as a result of many factors.
  • However, tackling the WHOLE picture, and working hard to tackle the complex issues which are causing your distress from several angles, can often help.
  • When things improve, it is always because you yourself have tackled your difficulties, and managed them, in a different way.

    What makes us particularly effective is that we do help you tackle and manage them.

    ~ STRESSWORKS ~ offers a practical alternative.

    We work with you to help you to tackle not only the symptoms but, more importantly, the actual causes.


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