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Our therapy is informed by the latest neuroscientific research, and our style of working reflects its findings into how people get better, stay well, and flourish.

This affects the process in several ways:

  • Recent cutting edge research in neuroscience has highlighted and confirmed the importance of the relationship between brain, body and mind. These findings are particularly relevant to helping relieve the effects of trauma, past and recent, and in informing therapists how to work most effectively with stress, anxiety, change and the experience of crisis and loss.

  • Our practice is informed and influenced by this research, and the exciting and hopeful possibilities it offers for helping clients to find healing, hope, freedom and relief, often when they have felt this might be impossible.

  • The work involves looking largely at feelings, and the meaning we have given to our experience, and the events we have known, since it is our difficulty in managing our feelings, and our perception of how our life and our relationships fit into that, which cause us to seem so out of control;

  • We will work together to try to find the root causes of difficulties, rather than just dealing with the symptoms; to make sense of what is happening now by understanding the powerful effect of the past on the present. This can bring enormous relief, can be empowering, and allows change to take place;

  • We will be working with unconscious as well as conscious processes, with memory and the way this shapes how we react and what we expect, since it is through making sense of these that we regain control over them, and free ourselves up to reach our real potential.

    Generally, the work involves exploration through talking only. Occasionally, we may use a mixture of Dynamic and Cognitive Analytical Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), or Body Psychotherapy. Where both client and therapist feel it to be appropriate, however, some practical exercises may be undertaken.

    Sessions are once a week, on a weekly basis. It is important to attend your session, even - indeed, particularly - when you feel the going is getting hard and you would rather avoid what you are feeling - towards others, your therapist, or yourself. This is part of the process of therapy. Some clients who are in psychotherapy may be advised to consider, or ask for, twice weekly sessions, or more. Fees may sometimes be adjusted accordingly for this.


Therapy works through the special relationship which develops between client and therapist, in which painful or problematic experiences, feelings and memories, which on our own we feel unable to face, understand or deal with, are made gradually more manageable.

Change takes place at an emotional level, and this is the area in which we work together, building trust over time.

The latest neuroscientific research shows very clearly that talking therapies are significantly influential in changing the neural pathways in the brain which have become hard-wired over time, and in building new pathways and ways of thinking and feeling.

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